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Refund Policy of Stockan Advanced Option Trading Course In Hindi

Last updated: May 06, 2024

Thank you for Joining at Advanced Option Trading Course In Hindi.

if you want claim money back guarantee then you need to provide proof that I teach on my course those are not working most of time and if you cannot give the Proper proof then you can’t get your refund (money back guarantee). Option trading is high-risk trading where loss and profit are frequent. However, this course provides learning to you.

How to understand the market and then apply an option strategy with limited risk on it – that kind of information is provided in this course. Always remember, taking high risks is necessary for high returns. That’s why take as much risk as you can. Don’t expect very high returns.

If you think you are not satisfied then it is not valid for money back guarantee (refund) because this course is not for your satisfaction.

Your satisfaction is not under the money back guarantee. If you learned and then you said you are not satisfied then nobody can prove that you are satisfied.

That’s why your satisfaction is not under the money back guarantee or like that kind reason are not under this refund policy. as well other 3rt party reason also not under the policy.

If you want to really learn then I will guide but if you think that after learned from my course and then claim money back guarantee then it is not granted.

My thinking behind providing this money-back guarantee is that after paying the course fee, if you don’t find any useful information to improve your option trading, you shouldn’t lose your money that you pay as an fee.

Hence, this guarantee ensures your money (Only Fees) won’t be wasted. However, there are two sides to a coin, a positive and a negative one. Some people may misuse this policy, that’s why this policy is quite strict.

I know what I give in my course that’s why I give that opportunity to People fearlessly learn from my course. Don’t try to misuse this policy because it’s not working. However, you still make false claims, so remember that you can also be suspended from the course without notice.

If you can’t get any valuable information from my course, that’s not works most of the time on the real market, then you can claim for the money back (Refund). For that, you will need to provide proof that you have tried what I taught in the course and it didn’t work most of the time. Proof You can send on WhatsApp No +91 99578 56035 or Mail, you can claim within 30 days, After that, your payment will be processed through the same payment mode within 5 working days. I can also ask you some questions within what I have taught. I would also like to know how much you have understood after watching the course. You should never think that after learning from my course you will claim for money back and you will get the money, this will never happen.

That’s why I would suggest that apart from money back guarantee, if you focus on learning then it will be good for you.

This policy can be changed at any time without giving any notice.

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